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What is OSKA?

We have developed a bespoke online platform which we call OSKA.

OSKA is what makes us unique.

With OSKA, supply teachers and assistants now have the ability, and flexibility, to set their own working preferences, giving them 24hour control of where and when they work.

OSKA allows UK schools to invite or book vetted teachers instantly online. Using the different filters OSKA provides, schools can have the perfect teacher booked in a matter of minutes without having to pick up the phone.

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"Booking is very easy and I like that teachers have been rated by schools - I have used the same teacher, who I knew from the ratings would be good, several times!"

CarolineDeputy Headteacher

"I could not believe how quick and easy it was. After our usual agency advised their teacher had cancelled and they could not find a replacement (at 9:00am in the morning), I called OSKA. I was able to register in 2 minutes, search and invite a teacher, and had them at our school within the hour."

MichelleHR Advisor

"We decided to try OSKA after our previous agency raised their prices significantly. OSKA has great rates, the booking process is very easy, and we love that they don’t charge for recruitment either."

MargaretDeputy Principal

"Why haven’t I heard of OSKA until now? This is everything a school could ask for!"

DavidSchool Business Manager

"OSKA is exactly what I have been looking for. I cannot believe that it is not the standard way of doing things."

JessicaSupply Teacher

"I think you guys are great, and always recommend you to anyone that will listen!"

MelissaSupply Teacher

"I love that OSKA have created something to genuinely help fix the problems faced by schools, teachers, and assistants."

EmilyTeaching Assistant