FAQ's for Schools

How much does it cost?

We offer flat rates for all users of OSKA, and unlike most agencies, we are happy to be completely transparent on what we charge and what we pay. Head over to our Pricing page to see how much we charge schools and how much we pay our teachers and assistants.

Are there any registration fees payable by schools?

None. Schools only pay for the days they book a teacher or assistant.

Have all Teachers and Assistants on OSKA been vetted?

Yes. Teachers and assistants will only be made active on OSKA once they have been through OSKA's Safer Recruitment compliant vetting process. This includes ID checks, Right to work checks, an Enhanced DBS Check, International Police Checks (where appropriate), employment checks, two written references, a Self-Disclosure declaration, and an interview.

What are the cancellation fees if I need to cancel a booking?

There are many variables to this such as how long before the placement was due to start did you cancel the booking, and whether or not we can find the teacher or assistant new work for the day. In short, if you cancel the booking with more than 24 hours notice or we find the teacher other work there are no charges.

What charges are there from OSKA to permanently take on a candidate?

Also none! We don't want to get in the way of schools and teachers and assistants achieving a better outcome for themselves.

What is Quick Book?

Quick Book is a method of booking a teacher or assistant where they do not need to accept or decline the school's invitation - the booking is made instantly. The teacher or assistant will have setup their profile to accept these bookings and there is nothing further a school needs to do once this type of booking is made.

How does OSKA Education pay so much and charge so little?

By being fully online, we don't need large, fancy offices or lots of staff. These savings are passed straight back into our prices and level of pay to teachers and assistants.