FAQ's for Teachers

How much does OSKA pay?

We offer flat rates for all users of OSKA, and unlike most agencies, we are happy to be completely transparent on what we charge and what we pay. Head over to our Pricing page to see how much we charge schools and how much we pay our teachers and assistants.

Are there any registration fees payable by teachers or assistants?

There are no registration fees payable to OSKA, however any new checks required are paid for by the applicant.

How much control do I have over what work is offered to me?

Teachers and assistants are able to set which days they want work, grades they are prepared to work with, how far they are prepared to travel (either miles or time), and their subject preferences (teachers only). If you want to retain full control, set your profile to 'Confirmation Required' which means you will need to accept or decline any invitations.

I have completed my registration as a teacher. What now?

A member of staff from OSKA will be in touch with you to arrange an interview time and to ensure there is no further information outstanding. If you have not heard from an OSKA staff member within one working day of submitting your registration, please use the 'Get in touch' link below.

How often will I get paid?

Teacher who work for OSKA under a PAYE contract are paid fortnightly (on a Thursday). Teachers working through companies are paid according to invoice terms, but no more frequently or sooner than PAYE staff.

How does OSKA Education pay so much and charge so little?

By being fully online, we don't need large, fancy offices or lots of staff. These savings are passed straight back into our prices and level of pay to teachers and assistants.